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Our developers build and publish distributed applications utilizing Etherium’s blockchain-based, decentralized software platform.

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As a custom application development company with nearly two decades of experience and more than 2,800 programmers at our disposal, Chetu has what it takes to build the custom web platform your business demands.

Thorough Consultations

We work closely with our clients to determine their specific requirements before beginning our detailed project. We ensure to establish a clearly laid out timeline of our development process as well.

Experienced Developers

Each member of your dedicated Ethereum development team possesses the programming expertise and industry-specific knowledge needed to meet and exceed all your business’s needs.

Complete Transparency

In addition to receiving daily calls and emailed reports, you can reach out to one of our highly skilled project managers via phone or video chat to answer any of your questions.

Total Ownership

We hand over the proprietary code and intellectual property for every application that we develop for our clients.

Custom Ethereum Development Services Tailored to your Needs

Decentralized App Programming on
the Ethereum Protocol

Our software experts create decentralized apps, or DApps, inside the Ethereum protocol. Not merely for exchanging currency on a public blockchain, these apps can have a non-monetary component, like file storage, or can involve connecting groups of people together, like doctors and patients on a private blockchain. These DApps contain multiple smart contracts that connect the DApp to a blockchain.

Smart Contract Development
on Ethereum

Like a web app connects a front end to a database, a smart contract connects a DApp's front end to the blockchain. Our experts program these smart contracts within the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) runtime environment, and, like the Dapps themselves, the smart contracts can be written in many different programming languages. These smart contracts can be public in order to prove functionality.

Financial DApp Programming
in Ethereum

Whether trading Ethereum's native token, ether, or performing another financial transaction such as an ICO, customer loyalty program, or stock trading platform, our DApps and smart contracts can facilitate the exchange, with the secure and decentralized blockchain backing it. These DApps can have a gas price, which is a kind of transaction fee in ether, or be free to use.

File Storage Ethereum
DApp Development

In a similar way to how an app like Dropbox stores files on the cloud in a decentralized manner, Chetu's team of engineers can create a file storage DApp that encrypts files, breaks them into pieces and distributes them across the entire blockchain. The owner of the files is the only one with the key to access them. This provides security and privacy that can't be found in a traditional file storage solution.

Ethereum Wallet

Our team of cryptocurrency experts can create an application that sets up a wallet for management of public and private Ethereum keys. A desktop or mobile wallet app can only be used on a single device and stores your keys locally. The wallet apps we develop can also be multi-signature with three private keys; a user must have two out of three keys to perform any transaction.

Ethereum ICO
(Initial Coin Offering) Management

In order to leverage Ethereum and the blockchain for a specific purpose, often funds will need to be raised first. Our engineers facilitate an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the Ethereum network through custom web apps. This ICO is divided into two parts: the pre-sale and public sale. Each transaction is legitimized once we program rewards and validations for early investors.

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  • Chetu Wins Multiple Bronze Stevie® Awards
  • Forbes 2023
  • 2022 Bronze Stevie Award Presented to Chetu
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Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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