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Public Safety Software for Law Enforcement Agencies

Field Service Management Software

We develop Field Service Management Software that facilitate quicker response times by enabling dispatchers to rapidly receive, capture, and transfer accurate information to field officers. Public Safety Software for Enforcement Agencies serves as a critical tool in empowering police officers and agencies to proactively prevent and respond to criminal activities, ensuring the safety and security of the communities they serve.

Electronic Ticketing and Records

We develop custom eCitation software that generates electronic tickets and reports in the field. We incorporate barcode reading and image scanning software to capture information and gives users access to dispatch and records. We create integrations for wireless printers allowing users to write and print electronic tickets, and upload records to court systems in real time.

Compliance Solutions

We create software designed to optimize the collection, reporting, approval, and dissemination of criminal activity and incident reports, and ensure NIBRS compliance.

Data Sharing

We create cloud-based data repositories and sharing mechanisms allowing for information to be easily assessed and saved remotely. We streamline the incident reporting process with voice recording and talk-to-text software ensuring timely filing of incident report.

911 Computer Aided Dispatch and Reporting Software

Dispatch Software

We develop IP-based dispatch software solutions, designed to automate the alerting process for first responders, which vastly improves communication and decreases response time. We incorporate mapping solutions for turn by turn directions, VoIP communications portals for voice dispatch, Geolocation tracking and remote data access modules.

Reporting Tools

We create reporting tools to gather critical data. We develop Ad hock reporting tools that delivers collaborative self-service reporting and analytics resources. Our developers code built-in tools for data governance, data modeling, data federation, scheduled distribution, and multi-tenancy.

Chetu’s Jail Management Solutions

Offender Management System

We develop Offender Management Systems (OMS) to facilitate new inmate processing protocols from intake to discharge, view electronic health records, access sentencing information, track personal belongings, and so much more.

Custom Jail RMS Modules

Chetu develops Records Management Systems (RMS) solutions for incident reports management, interview reports, creation of NIPRS and UCR Reports, confiscated materials tracking, and property room evidence management. We create custom Jail RMS Modules to effectively manage warrant and affidavit records.


Chetu develops custom surveillance software solutions. Using artificial intelligence, technology, cloud storage, connected sensors, tracking wristbands, and data analytics we allow you to record monitor and track inmate and guard movement.

Jail Management Systems

We develop Jail Management Systems (JMS) with inmate modules to effectively track and process inmates from booking to release, customized with features such as booking, check-in and check-out, medical records, inmate accounting records, sentencing information access, charge list, transportation records, incarceration records, and more.

Body Camera Video and AV Redaction Software

Access to Information Request Software

We develop solutions to process public records requests. We’ll integrate Public Records Request Management software within your existing digital environment to deliver detailed requested information from public records.

Body Camera Recording Software

We develop custom body camera software to enhance situational awareness for law enforcement, for law enforcement, judicial agencies, and legal & compliance teams. We develop Body Camera Recording Software to automate the process of uploading video and audio audience captured in the field.

Evidence Tracking and Asset Management

Evidence Collection and Submission

Our software engineers develop end-to-end Chain of Custody software to collect both physical and digital case evidence. We create evidence log solutions allowing evidence to be curated in the field evidence submission area. We create solutions for printing release or transfer documentation from the system. Track inventory and audits, provide documentation, automate the disposal approval process, and more.

Custom Workflow

We create custom automated workflow solutions for different uses and agency mandates. We implement custom modules to automate manually intensive tasks, as well as to eliminate redundant information for 911 dispatching, jail management, records management, case management, citations, code enforcement, evidence management, mobile patrol, and more.

Chain of Custody

We develop software tools to track evidence stored in the property room and evidence lockers with RFID, barcodes, other inventory control methods. We create custom Chain of Custody Software designed for inspecting, scanning, and storing digital evidence on a shared platform.

Custom Jail RMS Modules

Chetu develops Records Management Systems (RMS) solutions for incident reports, interview reports, creation of NIPRS and UCR Reports, confiscated materials tracking, and property room evidence management. We construct modules for warrant and affidavit systems and incorporate law enforcement software suites.

Case Management for Law Enforcement

Legal Graphics and Timeline Software

Our developers customize Legal Software equipped with enhanced functions and features that allow Police Officer, Law officers, patrolmen / women, sheriffs, special agents, detectives, criminal investigators to create high-impact legal graphics, including crime scene diagrams, accident reconstruction, timelines, evidence and flowcharts, and more.

Case Management Software

We develop custom Case Software that allows law enforcement professionals to organize case information in a single platform. Collect and store investigations evidence in a single database, regardless of type or origin. Keep video and audio files alongside witness reports and crime scene details making searching for data simple.

Community Policing Management

Our software helps manage all community policing activities from relationship-building; to the scheduling of events and meetings to the timely follow up with action plans.

Internal Affairs and Complaint Management

We develop Internal Affairs Modules to manage police compliments and complaints. We incorporate reporting tools that link, attach and associate documents to any record in the database, including text files, scanned documents, spreadsheets, graphs, photos. We create alert features to monitor chargeable accidents, citizen complaints, and use of force incidents.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet Maintenance Software

Our highly skilled team of software engineers have extensive experience in fleet management app development to customize your software for mobile devices, browser apps, dispatch center desktop computers, as well as embed vehicle instruments with Engine Control Modules (ECM) which transmit upkeep reminders and warnings to drivers and dispatchers.

Fuel Management Solutions

Chetu's develops fuel consumption modules with telematics data and travel analytics engines, program systems to track fuel from point-of-purchase to consumption, monitor fluctuations in individual vehicles' fuel usage, and ensure compliance with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) regulations, and more.

Frequent Asked Questions about Law Enforcement Software

Law enforcement agencies use law enforcement software to help them carry out their duties. It can be used for various purposes, such as managing evidence, tracking suspects, conducting investigations, communicating with other law enforcement agencies, and providing public safety information.

There are many different types of law enforcement software, each designed for a specific purpose. Some of the most common types of law enforcement software include records management software, criminal justice information systems, intelligence analysis software, and mobile applications. There are many benefits to using law enforcement software, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, increased safety, and enhanced public safety.

When choosing law enforcement software, it is important to consider the size of your agency, the needs of your agency, your budget, the features of the software, and the vendor's support. You can learn more about law enforcement software by visiting the websites of law enforcement software vendors, reading industry publications, attending conferences, and talking to other law enforcement agencies.

Some of the challenges of using law enforcement software include the cost, the difficulty of finding software that meets all of your needs, and the difficulty of training your staff on how to use it effectively. Some of the best practices for using law enforcement software include choosing the right software for your needs, training your staff on how to use it effectively, using the software to its full potential, keeping the software up to date, and backing up your data regularly.

The future trends in law enforcement software include the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks and improve accuracy, the use of big data to analyze data and identify patterns, the use of cloud computing to store and access data from anywhere, and the use of mobile applications to provide law enforcement officers with access to information and tools while they are on the go.

Some potential benefits of using AI in law enforcement include improved efficiency and accuracy in analyzing crime data, faster identification of suspects, and increased safety for law enforcement personnel.


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