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Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software Development

Digital Rights Management Solutions

We engineer cloud Digital Rights Management (DRM) software for digital access control and end-to-end content protection for video, audio or PDF/EPUB content. We program features for metadata systems keeping copyright material protected and secure.

Information Rights Management Services

We program custom Information Rights Management (IRM) schemes defining users, content, and usage rights using Rights Expression Language (REL) plus Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) to define actions. Seamless authentication experience with integrations with IAM/SSO systems and other federation methods.

DRM Security Tools

We create custom packaging tools to encrypt content for distribution with custom keys for secure, on-demand media access. Development of key management systems for key generation algorithms, storage, and server-based validity checkers.

DRM Media Tracking Modules

Engineering of tracking modules to log and alert when media has been accessed, downloaded, copied, or altered. We create custom embedded copyright protection and steganography tools to implement session-based watermarking to track content through delivery.

Our Media & Entertainment Software Development Solutions
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