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Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software Development

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We develop custom DRM software solutions designed to protect digital content from privacy leaks and intellectual property theft, implementing tools for usage restriction, reproduction modification, and distribution management.

DRM Software Development

We provide cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) software development services, including incorporating access control settings, end-to-end (E2E) content protection for video, audio, or PDF/EPUB content, and features for protecting copyrighted material through metadata systems.

DRM Plugin Development

Our developers create customizable and highly secure DRM plugins to facilitate frequent streamlined updates, make PDFs and Microsoft Office files easily viewable in the browser, and eliminate the possibility of security breaches by hackers.

DRM Security Tool Development

We create custom packing tools to encrypt content for distribution, including customized keys for secure on-demand media access and key management systems with key generation algorithms, secure storage, and server-based validation checks.

DRM Tracking Module Development

We engineer modules to alert you of unauthorized media access, download, copy, or alteration with custom embedded copyright and steganography tools to track content through delivery; and enterprise-level data encryptions and access protocols.

Role-Based Access Control

We implement role-based access control (RBAC) modules to assign access permissions based on administrative roles, revoke access from already-downloaded files, create expiration dates for downloads, and lock documents to a specific location, utilizing bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption.

Information Rights Management

We program Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions that define users, content, and usage rights, utilize Rights Expression Language (REL) and Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) to define actions and integrate with IAM and SSO systems for secure authentication.

Safe Sharing DRM

We develop solutions that enable users to publish, share, and embed material as a secure web link or PDF file via their website, client portal, e-commerce site, CRM, or any third-party platform, optimizing DRM workflows and processes.

Supported Files

We provide protection for video formats like MP4, MOV, and MKV; document types including PDF, DOC/ODT, and XLS; and image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIF, as well as provide password protection and prevent MITM and replay attack.

Custom Digital Rights Management Solutions

Our experts create custom digital rights management (DRM) solutions to optimize how organizations manage, share, store, and receive copyrighted and proprietary digital content and prevent copying and theft.

Compliant Content Production

We create solutions to safely produce content and distribute it on a mass scale with features to capture and manage contracts and agreements and add a tracking ID in each piece of content, ensuring compliance with the terms of use for each content creator involved.

Image Protection

Our custom solutions protect your images from right-clicks, drag-and-drop methods, print controls, and screenshot methods with features like digital watermarking, access expiry dates, and secure image-sharing portals within an organization.

Audio File DRM Solutions

We customize solutions to enable audio content creators and distributors to limit access to audio files with features to control the number of devices allowed to play purchased audio files, track purchase usage and activity, and restrict unauthorized devices.

NFT DRM Solutions

We provide blockchain based DRM solutions that enable content owners to securely store works like videos, books, music, or code source by uploading them into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and utilizing a streaming link for licensing and distribution.

e-Book DRM Solutions

We develop solutions for e-book authors and publishers to distribute e-Books with end-to-end encryption and ensure restricted access without a digital decryption key, and program file controls for restricting printing, copying, and unauthorized distribution.

Financial Services DRM Solutions

Our experts build solutions for organizations to protect sensitive information and intellectual property such as PII, PCI, deal management information, and financial models and stay in compliance with SOX, FINRA, GLBA, GDPR, and NYDFS regulations.

Healthcare Security DRM Solutions

We develop solutions to secure digital protected health information (PHI) like electronic health records (EHR) in compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, as well as HHS and HITECH regulations, ensuring confidential information storage and transmission.

Piracy Prevention & Tracking

We deliver customized solutions that rapidly detect pirated content online with AI-powered site crawlers that identify pirated content, automatically add new search rules using detection history, and instantly send de-index, removal, and follow-up requests using custom rule-based algorithms.

Custom Features

We program your DRM solution with a robust set of advanced features tailored to your industry-specific needs to protect confidential, sensitive, and proprietary content from being stolen, copied or redistributed.

Digital Watermarking

We implement features to watermark digital content like artwork, documents, and files with a distinguishing mark unable to be easily removed to establish ownership and identity.

Screen Capture Restriction

We program features to block and monitor all screen capture attempts, including third-party screen capture apps and snipping tools, digital cameras, and mobile phones.

Access Revocation & Expiration

We engineer features that enable users to set rules for access expiration and revoke access to content at any point, even after it has been delivered to an end-user.

Usage Tracking & Analytics

We develop tools to automatically identify trends and track down infringers in real-time, providing valuable insight into protection coverage with custom dashboards and reports.

Automated De-Index & Removal Requests

We utilize AI and machine learning to automatically send de-index or removal requests when pirated content is detected using custom rules and detection history.

Permission Management

We implement controls such as licenses and keys, proxy servers, virtual private networks (VPNs), and geoblocking using custom logic for assigning context-based permissions.

Custom DRM Integrations

We integrate with leading third-party Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to provide a robust solution for establishing copyright policies and access permissions to secure digital content.


We integrate with Vitrium Security to control, secure, and distribute revenue-generating, proprietary, and confidential content without apps or plugins for end-users.


Our integrations with Red Points enable you to maximize the lifetime value of your copyright and fight piracy by tracking and removing unauthorized content at the source.


We integrate Bynder with your current systems to provide you with a smart template tool for creating branded materials and securely publishing content on-demand.


Our developers provide integrations with CapLinked to provide Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) and securely share and audit files inside and outside your organization in a central repository.


We integrate with Digify to provide easy-to-navigate document security and virtual data rooms (VDR) for quickly and safely sharing confidential content.


We provide integrations with Filecamp to help your organization share digital media in a cloud-based solution with unlimited user and folder permission configurations.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our DRM software development solutions. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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