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Photography Studio Management Systems

Programming of web-based and native photography studio management software with custom features for appointment scheduling, billing & payments, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce solutions, order management, project management, and accounting.

Photo Booth Software Solutions

We develop robust photo booth software utilizing DSLR cameras to take photos, videos, and GIFs with custom filters, effects, auto image cropping, VR 180° and 360° images for posting and green screen removal to publish to social media or print at the booth with printer integrations.

Photography Editing Tools

Custom photo editing tools for manually adjusting white balance, noise, lens correction, histogram, saturation, cropping, sharpening, blurring, and we create automatic photo editing features for one click rendering of filters, effects, and designs.

Photography Digital Workflow

Custom photo management software programming to organize and view photos in a digital library with custom IPTC metadata fields and query functions by location, labels, file properties, and geo-replicated image archiving, image importing features and more.

Photography Software Integrations

We develop photography apps for mobile using the native device's camera hardware and integrating to social media and cloud-based platforms for publishing.

Photography Color Management Modules

We program custom color management modules with demosaicing algorithms for support of RAW files from major camera manufacturers including Nikon, Leica, Canon, and Sony. Cross-platform compatibility for a seamless color publishing process.

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