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How to use NetSuite to Deliver a Unified Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood

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NetSuite is a technology and software company that provides businesses with a unified business management suite. It is an online service that allows companies to manage all of the key business processes in one single system. Many businesses use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning and manage inventory, track financial information, manage e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management systems. With a Netsuite API integration, businesses will have a number of solutions in order to run their ecommerce operations more efficiently. Here are some ways you can enhance your online store using NetSuite ERP:


Whenever a business is looking to establish an online store, they will want to do whatever it takes to make it one that makes lots of sales and generate high revenues. The best way to meet this objective is to make their online store more scalable. This means that it will have a wider presence and be more profitable. There are a number of benefits to having an online store that is scalable.

One of the main benefits of a scalable online store is standardization. A business will be able to market quickly which can bring in customers within a short period of time. It also allows businesses to work with a large number of partners such as wholesalers and suppliers. This also includes following standard procedures such as how to process orders, how to receive payments and also how to track shipments.

scalable online stores

Another benefit of scalable online stores is consistent management. With a scalable store, a business will be able to manage certain procedures and operations no matter where they are located. A business will have the ability to offer the same products and services and follow their specific procedures at all times.

Making an online store scalable can also allow a business to leverage existing assets. They will be able to use assets in a number of locations in order to conduct their daily operations. An example would be a company selling products and using warehouses in multiple locations to ship items to customers who buy them.

Scalable online stores are also beneficial due to their ability to acquire customers. With certain operations, procedures, products and services available, customers will become very familiar with how the business serves them. As a result, customers will be drawn to this familiarity and efficiency. Therefore, customers will be more eager to continue buying products or receiving services from a particular business.


When a business is looking to use omni-channel retailing in order to enhance its ecommerce operations, they will look to NetSuite to help them with this process. Using NetSuite can allow a business to use an omni-channel strategy in order to provide a more personalized customer experience. There a few benefits of using NetSuite in order to create an ecommerce experience that leads to more customer satisfaction.

The first benefit of using NetSuite is to grow customer satisfaction. When a company uses NetSuite, they will be able to more efficiently store customer information on one source of data. This will allow a business to more quickly respond to customer inquiries as well as market to them. As a result, customers will be more satisfied with how the company serves them.

Another way in which NetSuite can help provide a more personalized customer experience is by streamlining and accelerating business processes. A business using NetSuite will be able to streamline processes such as order management and procurement. This will allow a business to avoid making errors and avoid making customers feel dissatisfied.

NetSuite can help enhance the customer experience by allowing businesses to use more reliable information technology. Instead of having multiple systems to update and maintain, NetSuite allows a business to use an integrated system that houses financial data, orders, and customer information on one single database. As a result, information technology professionals can more easily ensure that the system is completely reliable.

Using NetSuite allows companies to set up new operations more quickly and easily. A business will have the ability to establish new sales channels and integrate them into reporting and forecasting sales and revenues. It will also help a company respond to changing customer demand as well.


Another feature that NetSuite ERP software offers is advanced order management. The benefits of advanced order management include improved cash flow, increased on time delivery, reduced shipping costs and allowing a business to be a trusted partner.

The first benefit of NetSuite’s ERP order management is improving cash flow. This will provide businesses with a simple automated order to cash processing system. As a result, ecommerce businesses will be able to receive funds in a more timely manner and meet their financial obligations on time.

Another benefit is increased on time delivery. A business will be able to use sophisticated rules to help determine the exact shipping location of a customer. This will allow it to get ordered items to customers more quickly. More timely deliveries will satisfy customers and convince them to buy more merchandise in the future.

Using the NetSuite ERP order management will also reduce the overall costs of shipping. Businesses will have the ability to ship items from the closest location. When shipping from the closest location, customers will have their delivery expectations met consistently. With deliveries being made at the exact location more consistently, businesses will be able to avoid paying extra money in order to ship merchandise to a customer again.

Whenever a business uses the NetSuite ERP order management, it will be able to establish itself as a trusted business partner. By keeping customers satisfied and engaged, businesses will be in position to get repeat customers. This will lead to more sales and a more steady stream of revenue in the future. It can also lead to referrals and even more satisfied customers. As a trusted business partner, businesses that operate through ecommerce will be able to establish more credibility among consumers. This will then allow them to expand and improve their overall brand image as well.


Whenever a business is looking to use NetSuite ecommerce solutions, it will want to make sure that their ecommerce platform can be integrated. Fortunately for businesses, NetSuite is able to integrate with top platforms such as Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. Therefore NetSuite is able to offer businesses multiple ERP ecommerce solutions. A Shopify-Netsuite integration is available for businesses. Netsuite and Shopify integration allows businesses to process orders, track shipping, track inventory and also monitor sales activity. There is also Magento ERP integration which is a primary ecommerce platform by handling back office operations. With these NetSuite integrations, businesses can also integrate BigCommerce to help businesses use the latest ecommerce technology to manage their retail operations.

Chetu is a company based in the United States that specializes in software development. The company provides businesses all over the world with a number of customized technology solutions. As an application development company, Chetu has over 1,000 skilled software developers who are available to provide their expertise in technological development. With the many software development experts at Chetu, the company can help any business integrate NetSuite into their ecommerce website. Chetu is able to do this by helping businesses develop the NetSuite app on any desktop or mobile device. With its on demand developers, Chetu can assist businesses by ensuring consistent data, automating processes and delivering data in a timely manner.


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