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Since launching their first point-of-sale terminal in 1982, Verifone has been an industry leader in POS systems. While they design hardware for the hospitality and healthcare industries, they are best known for their equipment used in gas stations and convenience stores. The Ruby 2 is the latest countertop POS terminal that will serve as an integral part of a Ruby system gas station or convenience store.

Benefits of Customizing Verifone’s Ruby2 POS Systems

Benefits of Customizing Verifone’s Ruby2 POS Systems

The Ruby 2 POS System takes into account the unique nature of gas stations and convenience stores. In these locations, staff must handle a wide variety of transactions in a short amount of time. In addition to basic retail needs, POS systems for these locations must handle authorizations, loyalty programs, and frequently changing discounts.

Convenience stores must live up to their name by being a fast way for consumers to buy a few items. Bottlenecks at the checkout line are frustrating for both staff and customers. The technology in Ruby POS systems decreases customer turnaround times. Merchants who incorporate Ruby 2 into their POS solutions will see a boost in their customer service.

Basic Functionalities Ruby 2 POS Systems Provide

There are many POS terminals on the market. However, Ruby 2 comes with updated tech that enhances its usefulness in the gas station and convenience store industries.

Intuitive GUI

Convenience stores must process many different types of items. Also, managers frequently introduce new products to meet customer needs. The customizable menu allows merchants to make changes and apply automatic discounts quickly. With 77 keys and the ability to handle up to 30 gas pumps, Ruby 2 offers flexibility and utility.

Fast Cashier Training and Adoption

The user-friendly graphical user interface also makes it easy for staff to adapt to the new system. Convenience stores depend on fast customer turnaround. They make a profit by handling as many transactions as possible in a day. Staff confused by a new POS terminal will slow things down as they learn the new system.

With Ruby 2, staff members will quickly adopt the unit and realize its simplicity. The ease of menu customization makes it possible for management to fine-tune the performance as staff members share friction points in the checkout process.

When staff members run into an issue, Ruby POS systems include on-screen help menus and real-time alerts that simplify the troubleshooting process. As staff members adjust to the system, there will be fewer delays due to manager assistance.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Convenience stores require daily reports to keep the business running smoothly. The management tools included with Ruby 2 allow merchants to keep an eye on local inventory and see which promotions are successful.

Gas stations have unique requirements around fuel sales and inventory. A Ruby system gas station will have the tools it needs for compliance reports.

Integration Support

Convenience stores and gas stations are becoming more complex. What used to be a location for snacks, cold drinks, and a fill-up may now have a coffee shop or a small takeout restaurant. One of the advantages of Ruby 2 is its ability to integrate into a more extensive Verifone POS system. By using Verifone’s Commander Site Manager, a merchant can manage and receive reports from every POS unit at the location.

With integration support from an experienced team like Chetu, the system will automatically share information with the business's accounting and inventory solutions. A well-developed POS system will streamline the whole management process.

Create Custom Verifone POS Solutions for Unique Payment Experiences

Ruby 2 is a powerful countertop POS unit that will do well in the central checkout location of a convenience store. However, as such shops grow, they will want access to other POS models. Chetu’s team of experts can help you streamline critical business functions with all the multiple Verifone customization services we offer.

We will leverage our expertise across +40 industry verticals to help you create unique custom Verifone POS systems with superior functionalities. Scale your team with experience Verifone POS System developers!

Verifone Kiosks

A self-service kiosk is a payment solution that allows a business to handle more customers without increasing staff. Models like the Verifone UX100 and UX400 provide unattended options for simple transactions.

Verifone PIN Pads and Countertops

Ruby 2 is just one of several countertop terminals by Verifone. Growing businesses may need more than one unit to cover different checkout areas. An integrated approach allows the manager to track the daily progress of all units in real-time.

Verifone Multilane Solutions

As a convenience store grows in complexity, it may become closer to a traditional grocery store. At this point, the POS system may shift to a multilane model. Verifone provides influential multilane card readers such as the MX870 and MX925.

Verifone mPOS

Mobile payment solutions are the perfect tool for the unexpected. If there is a rush, a staff member could ease the pressure using a mobile device to check out patrons with only an item or two. The store could use a unit like the Verifone e280 to promote a special sale at the door.

Verifone Portable & Transportable POS

The 2020 pandemic led to stores taking a flexible approach to sales. Portable POS systems like the Verifone VX690 allow customers to order items ahead and pay without ever entering a store. These devices are also helpful for sidewalk sales and outdoor promotions.

Verifone Carbon POS Series

The beauty of a Verifone POS system is its ability to adapt to changing needs. The Verifone Carbon series is an advanced portable option with a dual-screen setup ideal for service stations with small cafes. The device provides flexibility for patrons by taking both card and touchless payments.

“Superior custom-made Verifone POS system solutions that will transform any businesses operations and simplify the whole management process.” – Chetu, Inc.

Skilled Software Development for Verifone Ruby POS Systems

Skilled Custom Development for Your Verifone Ruby2 POS System

A well-functioning Ruby 2 POS system requires careful development. The programming team at Chetu will help increase the utility of your Verifone POS network.

Software Configuration

Our team will configure the software to work with loyalty cards, gift cards, and other alternative payment forms.

Verifone Customization

Our customization services let us adapt a Verifone system to meet a merchant's specific needs.

Integration Services

Our team can use API technology to connect Verifone hardware into a more extensive network and send data to other business-related platforms.

Custom App Development

We can produce customized software applications to run multifunctional payment solutions on a merchant's Ruby 2 POS terminal.

Start creating unparalleled payment experiences with Verifone Ruby2 POS and Chetu!


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