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Captive Outsourced Development Center


Leverage Chetu’s experienced software development talent and resources to enhance your operations.


  • Save on software development costs
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce the cost and risks of offshore infrastructure setup
  • Increase ROI


  • Mutual confidentiality
  • You own the source code
  • IP Protection
  • Sturdy physical and virtual security at our locations


  • Outsourced product support
  • Both technical and non-technical resources
  • Back-office support
  • Seamless migration/conversion

One-Stop Shop

With over 22 years in business, we are a one-stop shop for software development and IT support. Our programmers can work with complex operating systems and build high-performance interoperable applications.

Specialized Technical Teams

Chetu’s software development experience spans numerous industries, including banking, food & beverage, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and telecommunication. Our dedicated technical teams are industry-specific, having decades of related experience. Our experts keep up with trends, regulations, and processes.

Expedited Time to Market

Chetu’s strategy-oriented programmers will help you substantially reduce time to market by committing to your software development projects until all project demands are met. This competitive boost gives you greater differentiation in your market.

Increased ROI

Working with a captive center like Chetu reduces risk and liability for investing in offshore resources while allowing you to have a high-quality software product. You have increased ROI potential with a smaller initial investment and the opportunity to allocate funds and resources to other areas of your company.

Quality Assurance

Our seasoned engineers and experts conduct world-class quality assurance testing throughout the software development process with innovative technologies like AI, RPA, and IoT. We assess performance, security, and compatibility through manual and automated testing.

Top Talent

We have top talent that is thoroughly trained and developed to provide optimal service.

Multi-Round Hiring Process

We have a five-round hiring process that includes a thorough assessment of candidates’ technical and logical knowledge. This is followed by three rounds of face-to-face technical interviews. The process is rounded out with a final HR round and a rigorous background and verification check.

Soft-Skills Training

We have in-house soft skills training to ensure that our talent has top-rate interpersonal skills to complement their technical acumen. This training ensures greater teamwork and productivity. Our employees maintain a high level of integrity and are fully accountable. Chetu’s employee retention rate is also higher than the industry average.

100% In-House Staff

Our employees are all in-house. No subcontractors. No hassle of managing multiple vendors, as you are working with a unified workforce with cohesive processes and standards.

Extensive Expertise

Our skilled in-house developers are experienced in a variety of programming languages, operating systems, and platforms, including:


Our three India campuses total 280,000 sq. ft. with fully-equipped office space for our 2,800+ in-house developers, IT resources, and security.

Physical Security

Our biometrics-based physical access authentication requires visitors to have an escort to enter the premises. We have 24/7 on-site security staff and 100+ CCTV cameras with recording capabilities. Our fully-occupied work area is not shared with any other entity.

Data Security

Our data security measures include anti-virus, VPN, and firewalls. We also have dedicated client network tunnels to ensure the safe transmission of data. Our efforts to prevent data theft include blocking all USB devices and ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your data.


Chetu’s staff and resources cover all areas of enterprise IT infrastructure. We can work on your hardware remotely or at our locations. Our facilities have fast, reliable Internet connections with a 24/7 admin team. We also have backup generators to withstand outages and keep our operations going at full strength and efficiency. Our first-rate IT and help desk facilitate product support for your customers.


Keeping open communication is a high priority for us. We provide real-time collaborative communication via platforms like Skype, Slack, and Confluence. The cohesive alignment of teams and project needs maintains transparency and eliminates time deficits.

Industry Compliance

Our expert management team will help you make captive outsourcing as seamless as possible as we implement processes per industry standards. We have SOC 1 (SSAE 18) Type 2 compliant processes that can be implemented into your initiative.

  • Management metrics
  • Daily reports
  • Coding standards
  • Industry regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and ISO

Drop us a line or give us a ring. We'd love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions.

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