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Salesforce Lightning Expertise

Led by seasoned Project Managers, our Salesforce Lightning Development project starts with a discovery call and planning stage with a tech call. Strategic development and deployment phases then follow. We get to know your business to understand your requirements to architect solutions for your team. Depending on the needs, we might use configuration, interface work in Visualforce or Apex.

Salesforce Lightning Implementation

As Salesforce developers, we offer Salesforce Lightning development, implementation, integration and migration services suitable for businesses converting to the Lightning platform as well as implementing and deploying a new Lightning experience in their organization. Our experts work closely with you and assist in creating a Lightning strategy around how you want to leverage your Lightning components.

Salesforce Lightning Migration

We are experts in migrating your company from the Salesforce Classic UI to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience ensuring data integrity and transition of dashboards, reports, and contacts. We assure your 3rd party AppExchange Apps are Salesforce Lightning compatible and develop custom code that works for your business needs.

Salesforce Lightning Configuration

We expertly customize and configure your Salesforce platform. With a comprehensive understanding, we identify common patterns useful for migrating business process to Lightning, including java script buttons, Component Actions, Lightning Quick Actions, Lightning Page layouts, VisualForce overrides, and custom buttons and links.

Salesforce Lightning Integration

The Lightning Component Framework allows for our developers to mix and match different components, applications and tools or combine smaller applications to build bigger ones. The enhanced capabilities of integration to link multiple systems including SOAP, REST API, and other third party interfaces lets our team create specialized integration demands such as automation, drag and drop among other sleek UX designs.

Salesforce Lightning Development

Customization of business logic in the Lightning platform has limitless potential. The power of this cloud platform is in its multi-tenant infrastructure which is metadata-based single code base and shared infrastructure which grants automatic upgrades, code tools for troubleshooting and scalable Lightning components.

Salesforce Lightning App Development

The Lightning Platform offers development tools and services that has taken away complex technology to reduce complications and streamline the entire app development cycle. Tools such as Lightning App Builder speeds up the mobile development process. AppExchange's large ecosystem of business apps allows our developers to deliver crucial custom apps solutions.

Salesforce Lightning Features

Salesforce Lightning Components

Lightning Components is a UI framework used for developing web apps for both mobile and desktop devices. Our developers utilize the Lightning Components Framework to build single page applications with dynamic, responsive user interface for Lightning Platform apps, using JavaScript and Apex functionality.

Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning is a fast productive and personalized user experience optimized for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. The Lightning platform is centered on providing an amazing user experience to help your sales teams close deals faster with rich interactive visual designs. Our developers can help you build single-page, dynamic applications for various devices and/or write custom components for your team to use or market.

Salesforce Lightning Dashboard & Reports

Salesforce Lightning Dashboards introduce multiple reports using dashboard components on a single page layout. Our Salesforce developers are able to discover dashboard components to come in a variety of chart types, tables, and gauges to customize data and summarize important metrics for an overall intuitive interface.

Salesforce lightning features

Salesforce Lightning Connect

Salesforce Lightning Connect lets you seamlessly access data from external sources with your Salesforce data. Our Salesforce developers pull data from your legacy systems such as NetSuite or Oracle and easily configure it to reduce integration time or sync delays. We utilize external objects available to Salesforce tools like global search, SOSL and SOQL queries, Apex, Visualforce, and more.

Salesforce Lightning App Builder

The App Builder is a point-and-click tool that allows for easy creation of custom pages for the Salesforce mobile app and Lightning experience, giving users what they need in one place. Our developers are able to update, configure, and customize an app's navigation and branding to drill down into standard pages and custom record pages for objects suitable for the needs of your users.

salesforce lightning cloud

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce remains a proven platform to elevate the performance of CRMs. Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence experts leverage this modern resource to augment Salesforce by implementing customized solutions enabling business intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics.

AI-Driven Lightning App Development

Chetu leverages Artificial Intelligence to design customized apps to optimize tasks and provide end-users with robust experiences, streamlining productivity and promoting engagement. Our custom app designers create individualized solutions to exceed your business challenges, utilize AI, and provide modern strategies to evolving business landscapes.

Salesforce Einstein Integration

Chetu’s Salesforce experts leverage Einstein to enable unprecedented insight into client leads. Coupled with predictive analytics, our software specialists program algorithms to transform sales and marketing strategies to forecast future outcomes based on historical data. Einstein is infused with Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks, promote data-driven decisions, and optimize operations.

Cognitive Computing in Salesforce Lightning

Chetu’s software experts seamlessly integrate cognitive computing within Salesforce to analyze large data sets accurately, identify and reduce risks, and recognize real-time nuances in patterns. Cognitive computing augments your team by enabling more informed, data-driven decisions, elevating business intelligence, and improving efficiency.

Voice-enabled Interactions with Salesforce Data

Utilizing the newest advancements in Natural Language Processing, Salesforce, programmed by Chetu’s software experts, accurately enables and transcribes voice-enabled data, enabling personnel to quickly communicate and share large volumes of pertinent data needed to record and convert sales leads into revenue. NLP reduces time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing personnel to redirect priorities and implement business strategies.

Predictive Sales in Lightning

Predictive analytics enhanced by Chetu’s experts provides unique insights into prospective clients by studying leads and generating data-driven reports identifying which prospects are most likely to convert to sales. Enhanced by our software experts, this invaluable tool will augment your sales team by providing them with a proven resource designed to increase sales volumes.

AI-Infused Lightning Record Pages

Eliminate repetitive tasks of entering new record data and updating information throughout the client relationship. Chetu enhances Salesforce Lightning Record Pages with Artificial Intelligence to automate data entry, monitor client relationship progress, and update records in real time.

Support Services for Salesforce Lightning

Chetu’s Salesforce experts are committed to continuous monitoring and guidance to ensure the optimal performance of customized Salesforce Lightning solutions. Our software specialists work to elevate client relationships with comprehensive strategies and support to bring your business goals to fruition, exceed challenges, and streamline productivity.

Lightning Integration Support

Our integration experts enhance and seamlessly implement the newest Salesforce programs without costly workflow or system downtime interruptions. Chetu’s integration support team offers continuous monitoring and troubleshooting, working to ensure the functionality of all features beyond the project lifecycle.

Salesforce Lightning Migration Services

Data migration and resource migration must be done carefully to ensure all critical information is properly transferred and safeguarded. Chetu’s migration team ensures seamless data migration and integration and offers continuous monitoring to guarantee optimal performance and data quality during all migration processes.

Lightning App Customization Services

Chetu’s app development specialists design and deploy customized solutions to propel the business forward, enable robust end-user experiences, and allow users to access all resources within a central bundle. Chetu’s app developers collaborate with clients to create individualized apps tailored to exceed the unique challenges of your business.

Salesforce Lightning Maintenance Services

Timely maintenance is critical for mitigating uninterrupted workflow. Chetu’s dedicated software specialists proactively maintain and upgrade all Salesforce Lightning resources, enabling quick access to the newest versions and features to keep your business strategies running smoothly. Our maintenance team offers 24/7 monitoring of all resources and guidance to ensure seamless upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions for Salesforce Lightning Development

Chetu is committed to customer service and support beyond a project’s lifecycle. Our Artificial Intelligence experts seamlessly implement this modern resource into Salesforce with no costly workflow interruption, ensuring all deadlines are adhered to while enhancing the Salesforce platform.

Our support services team offers 24/7 monitoring of all resources, ensuring optimum performance and a robust, end-user experience. We can provide solutions in real time, ensuring no workflow interruption.

Chetu leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to design intuitive chatbots promoting engaging, end-user experiences. Our AI integration team successfully incorporates chatbots into all Salesforce resources, augmenting personnel with another tool to assist clients while adding another interactive layer to the Salesforce platform.

We provide comprehensive ongoing maintenance services for Salesforce Lightning implementations, including regular updates, troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and customization support to ensure optimal functionality and user satisfaction.


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