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Wearable Fitness Technologies Lifting The Industry With IoT

By: John Bailey

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The fitness industry enjoyed a boom despite the pandemic thanks to the advent of cloud-based gym instruction and a significant sales increase of wearable, connected devices that collect and analyze an individual’s health data.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key part of the fitness industry’s continued transformation because it enables unprecedented connectivity and access to individual health data, ultimately facilitating a more enhanced and effective physical fitness experience.

A More Immersive Fitness Experience

Artificial Intelligence has helped create a more immersive fitness experience for individuals. The advent of Human Pose Estimation (HPE) technology enables the creation of a 3D computer vision of a body, which can be paired with an optical sensor to generate accurate physical images that detect key areas of interest that an individual can focus their workout on. HPE creates three human body images: skeleton-based, contour-based, and volume-based. The sports technology accurately identifies and analyzes key joint movements, allowing individuals to determine if the exercise they engage in is completed correctly and safely.

Software designers have augmented virtual reality technology to enable individuals to participate with peers in real-time and customize workout routines according to interest and ability. Computer-generated, 3D imagery has simulated the experience of a personal trainer. Still, thanks to digital-first classes, an individual can create fully customized fitness routines and, with cloud connectivity, can create group fitness classes.

Gamification within the fitness industry continues to be very popular. Major gaming companies continue to create titles incorporating a competitive edge to physical fitness, creating a new and receptive audience. Gaming controllers can be used for physical movement, making fitness a communal and immersive experience. Senior citizen healthcare facilities have embraced this gamification of fitness and utilized the consoles and controllers to better engage patients with physical fitness by enabling group participation with settings that can customize workout routines based on physical ability.

Enhance Fitness Trackers with New Monitoring Features

The fitness industry has welcomed new health monitoring features on wearable devices, along with artificial intelligence-powered body mapping and immersive virtual reality fitness programs. Technology companies continue capitalizing on the burgeoning wearables market.

Wearable technology remains one of the top trends in fitness due to convenience and connectivity, enabling individuals to have unprecedented access to personal health data. Smart fitness wearables have evolved from basic pedometers to provide data such as ECG readings, sleep quality monitoring, and heart rate. Fitness trackers have been enhanced to be more comprehensive and personalized for individuals.

Fitness trackers enable individuals to control their well-being more because they do not require a physical presence in gyms or health clubs to be deployed and properly utilized. With increased costs to health services, individuals can access data via connected wearable devices to take a proactive approach to their well-being and avoid overreliance on medical services. They can receive alerts about possible health challenges that prompt them to take action. Data can also be used to monitor the following:

With convenient access to pertinent health data, individuals become more actively involved in their fitness journeys and maintain their personal well-being.

Leveraging IoT within Fitness Centers

Traditional gyms and fitness centers have embraced IoT to optimize amenities and offer clients more streamlined experiences. Sensors and automated guides can reduce client injury that results from improper use of equipment while also offering immersive tutorials on how to properly complete workout routines.

Utilizing Cloud-based sensors enables businesses to cull multiple tracking information to accurately analyze which fitness machines and other services are in high demand. This creates a more accurate profile of what clients are specifically looking for and gravitating toward in fitness centers and gyms. Businesses can tailor their setups to offer customers high demand equipment and note new trends.

Fitness equipment has gotten ‘smarter’ as IoT-based enhancements continue to be applied to the following equipment:

Fitness Industry Poised for Additional Growth

Physical fitness enables individuals to take a more active role in their well-being. With the industry enjoying significant growth thanks to IoT connectivity, the fitness industry is poised for additional growth due to enhanced smart wearables that monitor different health-based traits.

Gyms and fitness centers have welcomed a steady increase in clients. Fitness centers looking to capitalize on IoT-enhanced fitness experiences should incorporate technology within their centers to capture a market that demands more immersive, customized fitness routines that enable more accurate monitoring of an individual’s well-being and more interactive coaching to ensure exercises are optimized safely.


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