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Why Should I Choose Chetu for My SAP Lumira Needs?

Tailored Development & Support Services

At Chetu, we tailor our support and development services to correspond with your needs and environment. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the production of your solution and ensure that the results we provide will help you improve as a business – whether it’s for day-to-day processes or long-term results.

Long-Term Partner

As covering needs go, we've seen it all. So, if you're looking to build a full-on application, incorporate established features, develop new ones, or are in need of support, we're prepared to support you in the short and long term of your journey toward success.

Visualize Impactful Information with SAP Lumira Developers

Work with our SAP Lumira experts to reduce complexity and accelerate decision-making with easy-to-understand insights for optimal business outcomes. With the various sources and kinds of data that modern-day businesses consistently obtain, process, and derive insights from, simplicity is key for anyone looking for success.

Visualize Impactful Information with SAP Lumira Developers

Implementing Data Visualization Tools

By using SAP Lumira’s robust data visualization tools like charts, infographics, and dashboards, we'll take your company's data, whether on single or multiple platforms and transform it into impactful insights. You'll turn unengaging and overly complicated data points into compelling, key information that can help your business grow.

Secure Data Handling

Keeping information secure is a must in a digital landscape. Consequently, we’ll leverage the comprehensive security features built into SAP Lumira alongside our own data security practices to help you stay compliant and safe. We've got you covered whether it's via robust encryption or access controls.

Optimized in Real Time for Real-Time Results

In such a fast-paced world where information and response time can mean the successful launch of a service or damage control, we’ve readied ourselves to give you the edge you need. With SAP Lumira, you'll be able to derive real-time data insights and significantly improve your decision-making turnaround time.

SAP Lumira Customization Support

SAP and Chetu offer the flexibility to customize your Lumira experience. Whether you need custom or unique data connectors, visualization tools, or relevant workflow enhancements for your business, you can leverage our experts to build the tailored experience you're looking for – and ultimately maximize what Lumira can do for you.

Unifying Business and IT Teams

Let us help you navigate and dismantle your data silos to eliminate the issues you and your teams face with it. With Lumira, our developers are ready to bring your teams together onto a single platform – ultimately fostering innovation and newfound collaboration.

Remote and Cloud-Enhanced Capabilities

With cloud enablement, you'll be able to access Lumira anywhere. Additionally, our developers will give you the full range of benefits that come with cloud-based software, including remote collaboration, newfound flexibility, and scalability. Evolve your processes, your business, and your business needs with Chetu.

Core Benefits of SAP Lumira

Core Benefits of SAP Lumira

Data Exploration & Storytelling

Understand your data and its trajectory with Lumira’s data exploration capabilities. This will help you shed light on overlooked data points and get a better picture of what and how things are moving in your business—effectively communicating your success and faults, leading to improvements and growth.

Flexible & Scalable

A key aspect of SAP Lumira is its flexibility and scalability. Therefore, as your business sees changes in size, complexity, or even foundational architecture, our developers are equipped to adapt Lumira to your needs and practices.

Robust Decision Support

Decision-making has become a stressful affair within contemporary businesses. With so many moving pieces and ever-changing trends and patterns, Lumira stands as a beacon of simplicity. Our developers will leverage tools and methods like scenario modeling and predictive analytics to even the odds against fast information and ensure that you’ll make decisions confidently.

The Big Three Features

Big Three Features

Data Preparation

As an extensive process, data preparation is fundamental in understanding the happenings within your business or a market. This is why SAP Lumira streamlines the entire process; from cleaning to blending and presentation, you’ll spend less time preparing information and more time deriving actionable insights from it.


Sharing and Collaboration

Improve your project collaboration and data sharing processes by eliminating compartmentalization within your business. With Lumira and Chetu, you can establish a collaborative culture within the workplace and reap the reward of interactive visualizations and collective intelligence.


Seamless Integration with Other Products

We’ll smooth things out and make sure that you get the most out of SAP Lumira and other products. On top of this, our developers are capable of incorporating Lumira with custom third-party solutions so that your technological ecosystem is robust and powerful.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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