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Recruitment Software Solutions

Optimize Your Company Recruiting Software with Custom AI Solutions

Engineer Premium Recruitment Software Solutions

Our team provides custom recruitment software solutions for talent acquisition that seamlessly integrate with common recruiting channels. Chetu aims to offer software development solutions that enhance recruiting with the most efficient and cost-effective hiring tools.

Recruitment Analytics Software

Chetu’s customized recruitment analytics software enhances data-driven hiring and talent acquisition, improving recruiting efforts. Features like recruitment funnels, predictive analytics, and advanced reporting provide valuable insights into making the next decisions. You can also utilize our candidate sourcing software to search candidates, review resumes, and track progress.

Custom Applicant Tracking System Services

Chetu offers recruiting solutions for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to source candidates and streamline recruitment workflows while leveraging our Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). We create branded career portals and websites using custom application builder tools and integrate third-party ATS solutions from iCIMS, Bullhorn, Breezy, and other software providers.

Recruitment Dashboard Software

With a tailor-made recruitment metrics dashboard, you can keep all your recruiting and hiring data in one place so candidates don’t fall through the cracks. Utilizing this intuitive software can help you with talent pool management and maintain customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Custom Cloud-Based Recruiting Software

Chetu developers build customized cloud recruiting software to fit the needs of different industries and job descriptions. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save money with improved communication and accuracy. As a SaaS recruiting software, you can access it from any device connected to the internet.

Custom Recruitment Automation Software Solutions

Recruitment automation software is intentionally designed to speed up the hiring process. With digital workflow automation, you can complete tedious tasks like resume screening, scheduling interviews, and sending follow-up emails. We also leverage our integration capabilities to implement task management software and create workflow visualization tools.

Social Media Recruiting Software

Social media has become a modern recruiting tool for recruiters and HR representatives. Similarly, nearly 80% of job seekers use social media for their job searches. That’s why we find it necessary to incorporate social media integration, mobile recruiting software, and automated job posts.

Using AI to Enhance Recruitment Software Solutions

Automating the recruitment process with AI-based solutions can help your hiring team maximize their time finding, vetting, and selecting the right candidate. Our AI tools and software guarantee comprehensive yet timely recruitment.

AI Candidate Screening

Screening qualified candidates is time-consuming, especially during the resume screening phase. To streamline this process, Chetu developers build AI sourcing tools to analyze resumes, cover letters, and required skills. With intelligent candidate matching, your team can prioritize candidates whose experience aligns more with the job description.

AI Recruitment Software with Emotional Intelligence

AI emotional intelligence assessments help employers see how candidates manage and understand their emotions. It analyzes someone’s empathy, motivation, and self-awareness. Your team can utilize emotional quotient (EQ) software and AI personality tests to better understand who’s applying to the role before you schedule an interview.

Recruitment Communication Strategy

Communication during recruitment is critical to staying organized and avoiding hiring mistakes. This entails not only communicating with potential candidates but also with the hiring team regarding candidate experience. Chetu experts create Recruitment Management Systems (RMS) with features like automated notifications, autoresponder AI, and email templates.

Intelligent Job Candidate Search

AI, machine learning, and an advanced RMS can match candidates who are the most suitable for the given job requirements. With features like resume parsing, search filters, and candidate pool analysis, your AI-based customized recruiting software can maintain and enhance your hiring team’s recruitment funnel.

AI-Driven HR Chatbot

Automating the initial communications between recruiters and candidates with AI-driven recruitment chatbots can optimize your HR team’s time while maintaining candidate engagement. Recruiters can use a mobile chatbot with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to enhance company job portals and virtual HR support efforts.

Performance Management System

Using an AI-powered Performance Management System can jumpstart and accelerate the hiring process. From identifying high-potential employees to onboarding new employees, Chetu’s reliable recruitment software is a hiring tool backed by data-driven performance analysis that will improve your recruiting and staffing operations.

Streamline Hiring with Custom Remote Recruiting Software

Chetu’s developers build custom remote recruiting software so hiring teams can utilize e-recruitment strategies with features like recruitment automation, virtual recruiting, and virtual interviewing tools.

Virtual Interview Integration

Chetu’s experts understand that remote recruiting can transcend and expand candidate pools, especially because prospective candidates aren’t always near your workplace. Our developers can equip your team with the latest virtual interviewing and online communication platforms to enable engagement with candidates from far and wide.

Remote Work Management Software

Remote or hybrid work can be an effective workplace model for companies and their employees. Allowing potential candidates to work remotely could also entice them during the virtual recruitment process. Additionally, Chetu’s customized remote employee monitoring system helps facilitate tasks while keeping an eye on employees’ productivity.

Virtual Onboarding Software

Chetu’s virtual onboarding software for remote jobs can automate standard administrative tasks, like gathering employee forms, setting up accounts, and facilitating introductions. Your new employees can easily plug into company culture and gain a better understanding of their roles with remote onboarding tools that our developers can provide.

Custom Recruiting Software Tailored to Your Industry

Chetu’s recruitment software development services encompass many industries, customizing each recruitment system to each industry’s nuances. By utilizing our candidate sourcing and talent acquisition features, your company can optimize its recruitment and hiring experience.

Healthcare Staffing Software

There are always open positions and experienced candidates in healthcare. That’s why we develop customized healthcare staffing software to post jobs, review resumes, and schedule interviews. Additionally, we build various medical, shift scheduling, and telehealth software to help manage the daily operations of a healthcare facility.

Tech/IT Recruiting Software

In competitive industries like tech/IT, it’s difficult to comb through a massive pool of qualified candidates. With Chetu’s reliable tech recruiting software and recruitment CRM, you can manage all applications and candidates’ information in one place. We also provide GitHub integration so recruiters can easily review a candidate’s portfolio.

Education Recruitment Software

With millions of eager prospective students around the world, student recruitment software is a necessity for schools. Universities can help students by utilizing an internship management system and hosting virtual career fairs. Recruitment events can bolster student engagement, encouraging them in their post-graduate endeavors.

HCM and HR Software Development Solutions

Chetu's HCM (Human Capital Management) solutions fully cater to the human resources industry, providing custom HCM solutions for employee training, recruitment software, onboarding, time and attendance, employee performance management, payroll software, and HRIS (Human Resources Information System) and HRMS (Human Resources Management System) software.

Recruitment Software Services FAQ’s

Recruitment software leverages technology to automate and streamline the recruitment process. It encompasses resume screening , candidate evaluation, talent acquisition, scheduling interviews, onboarding, and data analytics for an efficient hiring process.

Recruitment software is developed to streamline the hiring process by saving companies time with automated recruiting . Some notable benefits include candidate management , growing your recruitment database , and improving candidate experience through personalized communication.

A Recruitment CRM focuses on talent segmentation and candidate engagement, while an ATS aids recruiters in applicant tracking with workflow automation software. Recruitment automation tools expedite tasks like email communication, interview scheduling, and personalized workflows, improving efficiency and candidate experience.

AI-powered recruitment software uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze resumes and job descriptions, assess candidate fit, and automate candidate communication. This can help reduce bias in the hiring process and improve efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence has helped recruiters in expediting candidate sourcing but is unlikely to replace them entirely. AI recruiting tools streamline tasks by mitigating bias and analyzing candidates yet fall short in grasping company culture and building relationships with top candidates.

Remote recruitment software eases the process of remote hiring without any in-person meetings. Recruiters use these virtual recruiting tools to discover candidates, manage job openings, and connect with clients remotely, expanding the candidate pool effectively.


Learn more about our recruitment software solutions and drop us a line or give us ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions regarding recruiting software.

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