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Offer SMS-Enablement Using Zipwhip Texting Services!

Hospitality entities are seeking new ways to engage guests during their stay. Leverage the engaging convenience of text-enabled services to clients by integrating the Zipwhip API. Chetu's developers have the industry experience and technological expertise to custom integrate Zipwhip APIs. Contact Chetu now to discover what our Zipwhip software services will do for you!

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Strict Adherence to Regulatory Standards

Chetu's Zipwhip and hospitality management software development, integration, and implementation experts are fully compliant with regulatory standards inherent to the hospitality industry. We ensure all work performed by Chetu complies with industry regulations including anti-money laundering and consumer protection standards, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), and specifications set by Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) and the Open Travel Alliance (OTA).

Chetu's Zipwhip Software Solutions

  • We customize and integrate Zipwhip features including multi-user capabilities, group texting, keywords, contact importing, auto reply, scheduled texting, and picture texting (Multimedia Messaging Service – MMS)
  • Custom integration services with Zipwhip software application program interface (API) and web-based / desktop applications including Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows 8, iPhone / iPad, Android / Android Tablet, Kindle, and others
  • We engineer internet protocol (IP) architectures, Short Message Service (SMS) gateways, and SMS centers for routing text to landline / toll free numbers and onward to any internet connected device by integrating components with IP networks
  • We enable syncing between mobile and desktop devices
  • Custom application development for web-based and mobile devices
  • We program in Java, Python, and cURL languages, plus others

Chetu's Hospitality Software Development Experience

  • 16 years of experience developing and integrating hospitality management software for multiple business types including hotels, food and beverage establishments, vacation rentals and timeshares, and casinos
  • We build SMS & alerts applications with built-in, one-way, and two-way SMS via SMSC (short code) gateways
  • Custom PMS development and integration using HTNG or OTA specifications such as VisualOne, Maestro, and WebRezPro, plus custom message formats including Micros' Opera, Fidelio, Galaxy, SMS, and Choice Hotels
  • We customize 3rd party integrations for accounting, payment gateways, business intelligence, Point-Of-Sale (POS), department management, and telephony applications with VoIP plus texting over IP
  • We design websites with user portal architecture for event booking and registration
  • We integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions with event management software for the automation of contact lists, direct mail, promotions, check-in, and tracking
  • We engineer IP based text applications for centralized customer relationship management consolidation
  • We design, implement, integrate, and manage cloud technology and web solutions
  • Web integration with enterprise system and information store
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The most attractive aspect of working with Chetu is the price and professionalism of the project team:

I am provided with progress reports, weekly conferences, and the team very promptly responds to any questions or concerns I raise.

Richard Moe, Study-Suite.com

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